“An elder from Poruma Island in Kulkalgau Ya stated, kulbaw ngulayg mamuy gasamun. “Hold on to the old teaching.”Our tradition, culture, lore and ailan kastom “island custom” has been preserved and maintained for generations. Zenadth Kes is grouped into five island groups known as the

Kemer Kemer Meriam Nation (Eastern Islands), Kaiwalagal Kaurareg Aboriginal Nation (Inner Islands), Maluligal Nation (Western Islands), Gudaw Maluligal Nation (Top Western Islands) and my region known as the Kulkalgal Nation (Central Islands). This is also presented on the flag on each point of the star. I storytell through movement and songs contemporary and traditional. The traditional dances I perform are representing my islands of Masig and Poruma. The beat of the drums and tune of island harmony gives you shivers with excitement and love. Our culture within all of Zenadth Kes is complex, unique, distinctive and sacred.”

“When I dance, I feel my ancestors move alongside me. It is my passion to educate and share my cultural knowledge with those around me. All cultures across the globe are related and connected in some way shape or form.”