Sew Ngapa


Mark Kabay-Saleh

“I am Mark Kabay-Saleh also known as The Makiba. I am a First Nations Australian from Zenadth Kes also known as the Torres Strait Islands. I also have descent from Papua New Guinea as well as England. I am an artist of cultural dance from Zenadth Kes, a public speaker for First Nations people within Australia, for climate change and for the LGBTQIA+ community as I identify as Two-Spirit. I express myself through writing. I have always had a deep interest and connection to writing through poetry, essays and narratives. Through my dance, public speaking and writing, I can spread the message by educating those I come across in bringing my culture to the world.”

My award with Minister Leeanne Enoch

“Embrace love, kindness, compassion, honesty, forgiveness and understanding. All have a purpose in life, though only we can uncover that. Don’t question and seek for the answers. Be still, wait for the ancient whispers from the wisdom keepers, and in time gradually become that answer that you seek. Prayer, grounding and meditation, to stay in divinity with oneness and flow with the universe, the infinite field of potential. We are living miracles, the co-creators of our reality, the offspring of the universe. Speak your truth and become your own.”